What If You Are Smarter Than You Think?

What If You Are Smarter

Than You Think?

About 30 years ago, Renée was working on producing a parenting show for PBS when she discovered the research done by Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University. Renée had a profound experience as she was reading this information. Everything that she had ever learned or experienced about learning, study habits, and memory techniques came together in that moment. Instantly, she understood Dr. Gardner’s research and had ideas about how it could be applied. Within days, she was lecturing at a local college and sharing this newfound information with students. She then gave these students an assignment where they were asked to study that evening using her new ideas. The next day, students came up to her as she walked across campus and marveled at what had happened to them. They all reported success beyond their wildest dreams! Thus, You Are Smarter Than You Think learning program was born.

Renée earned her Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology from California State University, Fullerton. She has always been gifted at applying research and was acknowledged for such when she was awarded the Outstanding Senior Clinician award.

While serving as a Speech Pathologist for the Fountain Valley School District, she developed a reading perception lab which later became a model program for the state of California. Soon, Renée was in private practice in speech pathology.

In 1980, Renée wrote Yes They Can, a handbook for effectively parenting the disabled. She also held workshops and lectured nationally on the subject. Renée developed You Are Smarter Than You Think learning system later in 1987 and taught it to college students all over Southern California. She later refined the program for Orange Coast College, where she included it in the How To Survive College class curriculum.

In 1992, the first edition of her book, You Are Smarter Than You Think, was published. This study skills book and learning system is used in colleges and universities throughout the country. Her hope is that this study habits system will make education a more equitable and worthwhile experience for students everywhere.

Renée currently lives with her husband in the mountains just outside Ashland, Oregon.

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