What If You Are Smarter Than You Think?

What If You Are Smarter

Than You Think?

  1. Did You Know That Brains Are More Different Than Fingerprints?

    According to Dr. Dan Weinberger from the National Institute of Mental Health this is a fact. Wow that means that what my husband thinks about getting a new washer is different from what I think. It probably explains his strange behavior of correcting my word usage all the time. It must also explain why I get so tired of listening when my neighbor goes on and on about a st…Read More

  2. Want a High SAT Score?

    Then you better know your brain talents! What in the world is a brain talent? A brain talent describes how your brain works. Just like Mac describes how one computer works and PC describes how another computer works. Brain talents describe how your personal brain works and gives you access to your higher levels of intelligence. In addition, knowing and using these talents…Read More

  3. What is the difference between learning and memorizing and why is it so important?

    When you were a child you learned to count from one to one hundred in a rote fashion. However, you couldn’t tell if the number 30 was before or after 50. You had to begin counting with the number one. You couldn’t start with, let’s say with number 10. Then as you matured, you learned to count to a hundred and as you were able to do this, you could also manipulate the…Read More

  4. Focusing On Solution

    “Successful Solutions are based on the powerful principle that resolution occurs by fostering the positive, not by attacking the negative” – David Hawkins, “Power vs Force” There is no better experience than being a part of a classroom that is alive with everyone participating and ideas being learned and discussed and celebrated. In such a classroom the instructo…Read More

  5. Dumbing Down America… Let’s Smarten Up!

    When we were children under the age of five we learned massive amounts of information and we did it easily and with a great deal of fun. When we entered school two-thirds of us had to abandon ourselves in order to conform to the confines of the typical classroom. Over the last 20 years there has been a concerted effort to change the process in the classroom from real learn…Read More

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