What If You Are Smarter Than You Think?

What If You Are Smarter

Than You Think?

What does the Online Journey cost?
The You Are Smarter than You Think Online Journey costs $97. You get use of the program for a month and you get to download an online copy of the book which is yours forever.

What do I get for my registration Fee?
You get the use of the You Are Smarter than You Think Online Journey for a month. And you get an e-copy of the book by the same name that is yours to keep forever.

What happens when I sign up?
When you click the signup button this is what happens:

  1. You will go to PayPal and pay your $97.
  2. Then you will set up your password and you will go to the Journey’s home page.
  3. Here you can click on the link to begin the Journey or you can first download the e-copy of the You Are Smarter than You Think book.
  4. Then you can decide to take the Journey on a computer or a tablet.
  5. You can begin now and it will put a book mark in the place you stop so that when you come back you can begin where you left off.

How long do I get to use the program?
You get to use the program as much as you want for 30 days. You will then be able to refer to the book forever.

Do I have to read the book too?
You do not have to read the book. Everything and more is in the Online Journey.

How long does it take to go through the program itself?
It takes only 2 hours to go through the program beginning to end. It is however recommended that you do it in segments so that you can integrate what you are discovering.

How many students have actually used it and been successful?
This program has been used in Nursing Programs nationally for over 25 years. Over 50,000 students have used it. Was it successful? These are the results that were reported to use by the students over a 10 years period of time:

  • 84% said their grades improved
  • 92% said that their study hours decreased
  • 87% said their stress levels reduced
  • 90% said their retention levels increased
  • Is it difficult to learn the system?

No it is not difficult to learn the system. It should feel very comfortable for you because you are finally using your brain the way it was designed.

How long will it take to see results?
You should see results immediately. It is like a switch. It is either on or off. And you will have the control.

How do I know if it is for me?
If you answer yes to any of these questions you could benefit from the You Are Smarter than You Think Online Journey:

Do you have the feeling that you are a lot smarter than your efforts and grades indicate?
If you were given a comprehensive test today on material that you “learned” last semester, would you get a lower grad than you received originally?

  • Do you succeed in getting A’s or B’s but find you have to work very hard for them?
  • Do you spend hours studying and then perform poorly on tests?
  • When reading a textbook, do you reread the material often because you find it hard to remember?

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes. A phone call to us is required.

Is this practical and more than just a theory?
This program was created by students. Each step was tested many times to make sure that it worked. Our 25 year history is a testament to its usefulness.

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