What If You Are Smarter Than You Think?

What If You Are Smarter

Than You Think?


Test taking is a skill that must be learned and developed. Tests do not fully represent one’s understanding of course material. There are many cases where students have studied for hours upon hours, but still can’t quite synthesize the information in the traditional exam formats (multiple choice, matching, essay questions, true/false). Putting in the hours isn’t enough on its own. It’s about being efficient and intelligent with your study time.

Rest assured, just because you aren’t getting the final grades you are looking for, you could be a lot closer to your goals than you may think. At You Are Smarter Than You Think, it is our goal to improve your brain patterns by providing study tips for exams. Here are a few that you may have yet to employ.

Verbal Practice

It may sound overly simplistic, but verbal practice is typically overlooked as a study strategy simply because it requires more effort. Instead of merely staring at a page for hours, hoping that you are absorbing the information simply by looking at it, verbalize to memorize. It is not as easy or comfortable as silent memorization, but you will save large chunks of time on your way to internalizing the content. Finally, find a willing friend who will let you teach the course material to them. Clearly, you will need to comprehend the content if you are wanting to teach it to someone else.

Written Practice

In the same vein, copying your notes, either on the computer or by hand, can be a very efficient study habit. We recommend going beyond simply copying your notes verbatim. Often summarizing or rephrasing the course material will cause your brain to fire in new ways, which means a more complete understanding of your notes. Furthermore, a condensed version of information is much easier to remember and is a great way to exercise your brain.


Review Previous Tests

Pay attention to the test format and types of questions that were asked. Are the questions more conceptual or are they more geared towards specific data points? Another study tip is to learn what the professor or teacher likes and doesn’t like. Pay attention to not only your feedback, but ask your classmates if you can review one another’s notes as well. That will help you get a more complete understanding of what the professor is looking for, and how you can cater to their preferences on the next test or paper.

You Are Smarter Than You Think

You may not believe it right now, but the truth is that you are smarter than you think. These are just a few surface level tips, but we dive so much more deeply in our online training. Unlock your brain’s full potential with our proven online video journey. We will help you develop the best study methods and best study techniques so you can not only be successful in school, but throughout every aspect of your life.

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