What If You Are Smarter Than You Think?

What If You Are Smarter

Than You Think?

fingerprintAccording to Dr. Dan Weinberger from the National Institute of Mental Health this is a fact. Wow that means that what my husband thinks about getting a new washer is different from what I think. It probably explains his strange behavior of correcting my word usage all the time. It must also explain why I get so tired of listening when my neighbor goes on and on about a story when she could have summed it up in two sentences. Have you experienced this?

Brains are more different than fingerprints. That must be why I felt so stupid in school. I always felt like I was listening to the wrong music or I was drinking the wrong Kool-Aid. How can schools possible cater to all those differences? The solution is not having teachers teach differently. The solution is showing kids what their brain talents are and then teaching them how to use those talents academically. A question that is never asked in school is, do you know how to learn? Isn’t that shocking? Being different isn’t wrong. Let’s embrace our uniqueness’s and celebrate our talents! Let’s discover that we are smarter than we think.

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